I like comics.

Let me be more specific: I like manga, and I like Warren Ellis. I know there are many other fine authors in western comics today, and I have greatly enjoyed reading various past series that were not written by Warren Ellis, but if you ask me what currently-running series I’m reading? It consists of about eight manga series, and Warren Ellis.

I mention this because the first collection of his series Gravel is coming out soon, and is available for preorder on Amazon. Notice that the second link, for the limited-edition hardcover, is three dollars cheaper. I suggest taking advantage of this before the people in charge realize what they’ve done. (Which they may already have done by the time you read this, so check the prices carefully.)

I’ve never read Gravel, so I can’t tell you much of anything about it. But it’s Warren Ellis; you should already know whether or not you like Warren Ellis.

You can click through to read his own description of it, if you like.

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