I’m actually a little surprised I never thought to post about this before now. See, there’s this English satirist named Chris Morris. He’s probably most famous for a hard-hitting news-style program called Brass Eye, in which various famous celebrities and politicians were fooled into eagerly promoting fictional (and often plainly absurd) charities and causes, or (for example) warning the public about the dangers of an Eastern European drug called Cake, which takes the form of a bright yellow tablet about eight inches across and three inches thick, and is apparently particularly dangerous because it is “made-up”.

I’ll just quote this bit from Wikipedia about the Brass Eye 2001 Pedophilia Special Report:

In one segment, the studio is “invaded” by members of a fictional pro-paedophile activism organisation called MILIT-PEDE and the programme appears to suffer a short technical disturbance. When the show returns, presenter Chris Morris confronts a supposed spokesman, Gerard Chote (played by Simon Pegg) who has been captured and placed in a pillory, and asks him whether he wants to have sex with Morris’s six-year-old son. Hesitantly, the spokesman looks at the boy and refuses, explaining, “I don’t fancy him”, which then drives Morris to further indignation that his son is found unattractive.

Most of Brass Eye can be found on YouTube. Anyway, what I’m really posting about here is another of Morris’ projects, called Blue Jam. It was a BBC Radio series, which interspersed ambient-style music with short comedy sketches. And I say ‘comedy’ because many of the sketches are hilarious, but all of them are unsettling, and many of them are outright disturbing. Take for instance one of my favorites, in which an acupuncture therapist discusses her practice in voice-over while the sound of her treating a new patient plays in the background, and it gradually becomes clear that her particular style of acupuncture involves crucifying a patient to a board with three-inch spikes and then leaning them up against the wall.

The video you see above is a clip from “Jam”, a six-episode series which was based on many of the sketches in Blue Jam.

If you’re in the UK, you can get the complete runs of Jam and Blue Jam from Amazon; the rest of us, sadly, will have to make do with torrents.

Blue Jam (more about Chris Morris’ various projects can be found if you surf around that site)

Edit: video replaced with another one. Cockbags.

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