If you read Jenni’s blog you already know this, but today is chiptunes day. These dudes (the first one is Circles, the second Fighter X) were rocking the fuck out on the sidewalk in front of the Penny Arcade Expo. I was reminded about them by this post on BoingBoing Offworld about Anamanaguchi’s new album, which sounds okay I guess but it doesn’t rock anywhere near as hard as what these guys are putting out. What they’re rocking out on, incidentally, are Game Boys (modified with a quarter-inch audio jack on the bottom and what looked like a big metal rocker-switch on top which I dunno the purpose of) and some kind of homebrew sequencer/synthesizer/drum machine cartridge called LSDJ.

Anyway, if you like electronic music, click those links and check this shit out, for reals.

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