I haven’t been playing any LittleBigPlanet recently — my gaming time’s been taken up with WoW and Fallout 3. But I do like to keep an eye out for news of awesome new LBP stuff for me to look at when I eventually am in the mood, and whaddya know — now that guns exist in LBP, some dudes have gone and implemented Contra.

The entire goddamn game.

(p.s. “Leonidas2123” is the search you want for playing it, it seems.)

Edit: Well, now I’ve played the levels. They’re pretty neat; it’s obvious a lot of work went into them. However, they also reminded me that Contra is the game that basically epitomizes “games that I suck at and make me angry”. So when I say “played the levels” I really mean “got killed within about thirty seconds from the beginning of each level” (except Base 2, in which I rocked the house).

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