AJ•Stephans Root Beer. Or, possibly, AJ•Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Root Beer New England’s Best Tonic Boston. Seriously, how am I supposed to know what it’s called if you put extra words all over the place? Oh, and a Blood Bowl troll. His name is Master Blaster.

Smells: like root beer. Perhaps even premium root beer. It definitely has a faint scent of extra root beeritude. I don’t know what I actually mean by that, exactly.

Tastes: Like root beer. Actually, it’s kind of light on taste, sadly. I expect a much stronger flavor from AJ•Stephan’s Pure Cane Sugar Root Beer New England’s Best Tonic Boston, but no. Tastes mainly like sugar water. BUT, it’s Pure Cane Sugar Water. Hooray! Don’t get me wrong, you can tell that you’re drinking root beer. But I wouldn’t rank it above, say, Barq’s, or A&W, or any standard root beer you could find anywhere.

Oh well.

Pop Soda actually sells a wide selection of root beer. Maybe I should do all root beers next time, and compare them. I’m starting to run out of interesting desk-trinkets to photograph, though.

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