I nearly went to bed without posting anything today. I’m sure you understand, though — the big World of Warcraft patch 3.0 came out today. I spent most of the day working out my new talent choices, training Inscription, poking at achievements, and getting my hair styled.

My favorite new thing: Killing Spree, the Combat Rogue 51-point talent. It is goddamn bad-ass. I’m considering macroing it so that I say something witty every time I use it, but I’m not sure what just yet. (My macro for Sap, by the way, is “bonk!”)

Jenni’s favorite new thing: clams are stackable!

Regarding achievements: there’s one for catching this really rare fish in Ironforge. Its name is Old Ironlung or Ironpants or something — wait, I’ll look it up…

Old Ironjaw. Anyway, people on Wowhead were talking about it taking 500, 1200, 3000 casts before they caught him. Three hours, four hours… 15 hours, for one dude.

Well, I had this can of soup, see? And you can’t play much WoW when you’re eating a can of soup (yes, I eat it right out of the can, I’m hardcore that way), so I figured what the hell, I need to level my fishing skill some anyway, I’ll go fish that pond with Old Ironface in it.



Ayup fish there I done caught it.

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