IF Comp ’08: Opening Night (spoilers)

All right, a new day has dawned, I’ve had some sleep, time for some more IF. Hopefully I got all the bad ones out of the way yesterday, and today’s picks will be full of awesome and light.


Okay, cynicism aside, let’s go.

No spelling or grammar errors in the opening paragraphs, good sign. The premise given is not what I’d call fascinating, but I can work wth this. Perhaps there’s an intriguing twist coming.

Stupid doorman :(

Aha! So much for you, jerk.

Was this dumpster here before? (scrolls back) Huh, no. …Huh. Well, Canonical Piece of Adventuring Kit #1 acquired.


It’s fortunate that this is an unusually long intermission, as I’m not sure what to do here.

Aha. There we go. …Curiouser and curiouser.

Hmm, okay. Had to glance at the walkthrough for that. The guy wouldn’t let me leave, but it turned out repetition was the key. If I try several times, and can’t go anywhere, is it my fault or the designer’s that I didn’t try enough times?

There should be an explanation for why I can’t go south from the Vestibule at this point.

It feels like the toolchest shouldn’t be there any more. Or rather, now that I think about it, the fact that it shouldn’t have been there when I first saw it should’ve been played up more. It should’ve been more incongruous than it was.

Done. That was nice, though sad. Well-written, well-realized, well-implemented. Good story, though it didn’t wow me personally, to the degree that I’d bother playing again. Still, a nice job all around. Good on you, David Batterham.

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