IF Comp ’08: wHen mAchines aTtack (spoilers)

Err… Mark? I don’t think capital letters work that way.

For some reason, there seems to be something wrong with the way she walks, like she doesn’t turn corners completely or something.

lolwut? Is the drywall all cracked and dented from where she keeps crashing when she tries to navigate to the copier room?

“In these lockers, workers who work at these facilities are required to wear lab suits.” “Whenever you are not in your locker, you may wear your street clothes.”

Man, I try not to be a dick, I told myself I wouldn’t be a dick, but it’s so easy! Look:

“The two microscopically-thin, drill-like pins that stick out…”

“It consists of cylinder-shaped body with three pin-like probing needles…”

Their machines can only make a maximum error of .02 microns, but they don’t know how many pins the Integratron has. Hilarious! (Jenni suggests that this might be a plot point. If it is, I will give this game two full bonus points on the final score.)

Okay, okay. I’ll play for reals now.

you may go along the northern edge of the room, or even enter a hallway drilled into the north of you.


Okay, now I’ll play for reals.

This place is very large and confusing. I hope I wasn’t meant to be mapping.

Looming overhead above you, you can sense a pair of menacing eyes staring collectively from the catwalk.

Collectively. Both of the guard’s eyes are staring at me. From overhead above me.

Mark, if english isn’t your first language, then I sincerely apologize, but you need to find out what words mean.

you may return alongside the conveyor belt by going either south or west.

> w
You can go only south or northwest.


Since I’m wearing a watch, it would be kind to include the verb >time. However, since it always seems to be five minutes till 5:30 anyway, perhaps it doesn’t matter…

Curving hallways — e.g. where you have to go due south to get back to the room you just went northeast from — are a pain in the ass. I will grant you that the layout of this place is probably meant to be confusing, though.

I don’t like my bathroom. :( At least something’s finally happening, though. Maybe.

This is indeed a very long rope — no matter where I go, one end of it rests on a majority of the bathtub floor. I also note that it is flammable. If it holds a flame like a torch, that would make it the two worst objects to code in IF in one — rope, and a fire source. If I ever do another IF of my own, I’m gonna make one of those. You’ll also be able to cut things with it, get inside it and drive it around, and hold lengthy and colorful conversations with it.

All right, I’ve wandered around for long enough with no action. Show me the way, oh merciful walkthru.

Oh, of course! I’m not wearing my overalls! Silly me.

Oh man… I’m looking at this walkthru, and it is long. Mark, you knew these were supposed to be two-hour-or-less games, right?

Okay, let’s see if I can figure out my newly-fixed machine.

I have successfully drilled a part. I think.

I would not have been able to get water in the cafeteria without the walkthru. What spout? Where? If I’m instructed to fetch water, I don’t expect randomly typing >fill cup to do it for me magically.

Okay, I did most of the cafeteria scene. I’m done now.

Verdict: Long. Far, far, FAR too long. And impossible without the walkthrough. Or at least, as possible as Hitchhiker’s Guide was, maybe. If you’ve got that much time and patience. I don’t. Also: Hilarious use of language. But, the plot looks like it might actually shape up to be pretty interesting. You probably should have saved it for the Spring Thing, Mark, and used the intervening time to have a native english-speaker proofread it for you.

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