IF Comp ’08: Grief (spoilers)

Well this one sounds like a jolly old time.

Dangit, it wants to know if I’m a dude or a chick. This means I’ll want to play it twice to see what’s different. Oh well. >male

Exclamation points are exciting!

So jolly! So bright and shining sun and rainbows and first day of school golly gosh when does the hail of gunfire and AIDS happen? I know it’s here somewhere!

Yup, there it is.

Okay, start again. What can I do differently? Do I care? No. But I’ll be nice and play through another couple times since that’s how it’s designed I guess.

Jeebus. I let him sleep in, and he dies anyway. Try again:

Oh nice. He dies because I didn’t lock the door, he dies because I DID lock the door. Is the whole point of this damn game to see how many different ways my stupid kid can die?

I see no difference in being a mommy instead of a daddy. Except this time the little fool drank drain cleaner.

I can’t find any more ways to kill him. I’m done.

Verdict: pointless. I don’t care enough to be saddened, and there aren’t enough ways to do the kid in to make it entertaining.

Addendum: aw, screw you, walkthru! I tried to get him to hide under the desk!

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