Pokémon: RTM 1.2

Blame @ZombieHam for this. SKILLS: 1) When a pokémon wishes to learn a new move (due to levelling up) but already has four moves, roll:   1: The move is not learned.    2-3: Roll again:       • 1-4: Replace the corresponding move. (re-roll if impossible [HM])       • 5: The move is not learned.       • 6: Replace the […]

Pokémon: RTM 1.1

I started testing out Real Trainer Mode on an ebay copy of Fire Red. Some early thoughts and rule adjustments: a) In PARTY.3 (withdrawing from the PC), change the 1 result to: “Roll for a random party member. If you roll a blank space, nothing happens and the withdraw is unsuccessful. Otherwise, the party member […]


(NOTICE: If you got here from Googling for Real Trainer Mode, what you probably want is this page. This one here is the old version.) So, as some of you are aware, I got super into the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing. At least for Gen I (Red), that is; I haven’t gotten into the […]

ermagerd cersterch

So remember that cross-stitch thing I was working on two and a half years ago, and then stopped when I was about 90% finished? Well, I finally got around to picking it back up again. This is a Prinny from the Disgaea games. They are the souls of dead criminals, who have gone to hell […]

ACNL Villager Management Addendum

So, since writing that last post, I’ve learned something new. I previously thought that the only way to get a tenth villager was to talk a camper (or a packed-up villager in another town) into moving in — i.e. getting a tenth villager was something you had to actively cause, of your own volition. It […]

ACNL Villager Management

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and are at all like me, you’ve probably got some notions about how you want your town laid out. Maybe you’ve already dropped a bunch of patterns around to make paths, and have planned out where certain public works are going to be located once you’ve unlocked them. […]