ermagerd cersterch

So remember that cross-stitch thing I was working on two and a half years ago, and then stopped when I was about 90% finished? Well, I finally got around to picking it back up again. This is a Prinny from the Disgaea games. They are the souls of dead criminals, who have gone to hell […]

ACNL Villager Management Addendum

So, since writing that last post, I’ve learned something new. I previously thought that the only way to get a tenth villager was to talk a camper (or a packed-up villager in another town) into moving in — i.e. getting a tenth villager was something you had to actively cause, of your own volition. It […]

ACNL Villager Management

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and are at all like me, you’ve probably got some notions about how you want your town laid out. Maybe you’ve already dropped a bunch of patterns around to make paths, and have planned out where certain public works are going to be located once you’ve unlocked them. […]

Couplea things for you

Firstly, I dunno how many of you are into video game soundtracks like I am — I find them to be the perfect thing to listen to at work, because they don’t have any distracting lyrics, and they’re generally pretty uptempo. And if I’m working on something moodier, or horror-ish or something, I can generally […]

Etrian Odyssey IV QR Codes

So Etrian Odyssey 4 came out, for everyone who’s into long and complicated Japanese RPGs where you have to draw your own map. Like me! It has a feature where you can use the 3DS camera to scan promotional QR codes and get free gear and extra sidequests. Naturally, the people who pay attention to […]

Modern cliché

You know that old cowboy/war movie trope of a guy getting shot, but he lives because the bullet hit his pocket bible, or a tintype photo of his girlfriend, or whatever? Yeah, that happened recently. Naturally the story is upgraded for modern times by having the fortuitous object be an iPhone. Presumably, the guy had […]