Jerry’s Map

Via Metafilter comes this awesome little documentary about a man, whose hobby for the past four decades+ has been painting an increasingly-elaborate map of an imaginary city and its environs. The best part is that he uses a deck of cards to proced…

Portal: No Escape

Someone named Dan Trachtenberg made a short Portal movie. It’s pretty great! You should probably click through and watch it HD and fullscreen, but here it is smallified anyway.

600 Points

A Super Mario Brothers run from beginning to end with no deaths, and only 600 points scored. Turns out that’s a lot more difficult than you might guess.

Minecraft Penn Station

At some point, I should take you guys on a tour of my Minecraft house. It’s pretty sweet. It doesn’t hold a candle to this, though. Daaaaamn. You can get the texture pack they used here. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find the map file for do…


Here’s a fun thing: A Let’s Play video series on Link’s Awakening, the Gameboy iteration of Legend of Zelda. In this playthrough, the LPer, MeccaPrime, thoroughly (and amusingly straightfacedly) breaks the shit out of the game, starting out by acq…

Meet the Medic

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t play Team Fortress 2, but I love their promotional videos. It’s still true! Here’s the rest of them, by the way.


I’ve learned my lesson about embedding auto-playing noise-making flash files on this blog, so if you want to see something awesome, you’ll have to click on this link.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Trailer

From E3, those fine fellows at Destructoid have brought us this, the final trailer for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. It’s… very pretty. That’s not me being underwhelmed, you understand, that’s me being so overwhelmed that I can’t think of anyt…

Space Asshole

Here’s another: “Space Asshole”, by Chris Remo of Idle Thumbs. Game footage of Red Faction: Guerilla, which is what the song is about.